Know How to Connect Brother Printer to Wi-Fi

Technology is supposed to make the world more upfront, but when it fails, it causes unexpected delays that wreck your schedule, leaving you tearing out your hair.

So let's try to quickly get you back on track with some Brother printer Wi-Fi setup troubleshooting.

1. Locate your Wi-Fi network configurations

If the network is not open, locate the SSID (network name) and password. On the router itself, these are frequently encountered.

2. Setup of Brother Printer through Wi-Fi

Make sure the wireless network interface is turned on in your Brother printer's "Network" menu by selecting "WLAN".

  • Launch "Setup Wizard" (Also under the WLAN menu).
  • A list of available networks will be provided by the printer (list of SSIDs).
  • Choos
    e your preferred network and enter the network key (password) if required.
  • The display will say "Connected" after a successful connection

3. Install the Brother Printer Software.

Make sure you have all the appropriate, most recent drivers loaded before attempting to connect your Brother printer to Wi-Fi for the first time.

WPS Connectivity

WPS is a way to connect your printer to a Wi-Fi network without having to enter the network key and SSID.

You need a WPS-compatible printer and router in order to accomplish this.

There are two ways to connect using WPS:

  • Push-Button Technique

Under "WLAN," select the "WPS" option.

Push the WPS button on the router after you've pressed the Push button.

After 2 minutes, the devices should be synchronised.

  • PIN Approach

Select the "PIN" option under the "WPS" option.

Then key in the WPS pin that your router has available.

4. Additional Wireless Connection Methods

When your Brother printer won't connect to Wi-Fi, there are additional, more difficult methods as follows:

Check the "Wireless Link Status" on the Network Configuration Report after printing it. You might need to restore the network setting to its factory settings if it displays an error.

Verify that your computer's and printer's IP addresses (found on the Network configuration report) are identical other than for the final numbers.

To verify that they are linked, ping your Brother printer from your PC.

You might try returning the network settings to their default positions. This resets all data, including the IP address and password.


Unfortunately, there are a lot of reasons why your Brother printer might not be able to connect to Wi-Fi. Hopefully you were able to repair this easily and are now able to print once again. If not, we sincerely hope you have a USB cord on hand while you seek a resolution from Brother. We advise you to click here if you're having problems with Brother Ink cartridges in the USA and are looking for a third-party service facility. I suggest visiting the USA Repair Service Center. They offer online and remote support out of the Brother Repair Service Center.

We pledge to give you the best Brother Device support offered by any business. Our incredibly knowledgeable and capable support staff is available around-the-clock to attend to your requirements and provide quick responses. Visit the official Brother Service Center or give us a call at +1(680) 829-2153. Any ideas about Brother Printer issues troubleshooting? Leave your comments and tell us, we are glad to answer you.


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